Washington State Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Form

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A durable power of attorney agreement is an excellent choice for people who want some professional help in managing their taxes and finances. The incapacity of the principal will not terminate the agreement and the agent will keep taking important decisions on behalf of the client. All you need is to enter all the details and mention the appointment gate for the attorney.

On the same date, the agreement will come into effect and the attorney can start making decisions on your behalf.

Here are a few things about the durable power of attorney form in Washington state you should know.

What Is a Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney in Washington State?

People living in Washington State can sign the power of attorney form to share the financial responsibilities with someone else. The durable POA lets you sign the agreement with a valid status even if you are no longer in a state to take your decisions. Therefore, durable power of attorney is an important agreement to manage your finances in a better way.

Initiating this process gives the complete power of control over your financial decisions to your agent. However, it requires the proper acknowledgment by signing the document.

Who needs a Washington State Durable Power of Attorney? And Why?

A person can use the Washington power of attorney agreement to share the financial or medical responsibilities with a trusted agent. If a person feels like they can not make their financial decisions, then the person is recommended to use this agreement.

Here are examples of who can consider this agreement in Washington state.

People of Unsound Mind

People of unsound minds can sign a power of attorney agreement when they are in their senses. According to the law, it requires proof that the person signed the document in the interval when they can make their decisions. It is important because it enables someone to manage their finances.


The underage children who are not legally capable of managing their financial matters need this power of attorney agreement. However, it requires the guardian as the witness and the agent needs to put the interests of the minor before their own.

Anyone With Lack of Financial Knowledge

Anyone can use this agreement to share the power of attorney with someone due to their lack of financial knowledge. Getting your funds managed by a trusted professional helps you get better results. It is recommended because a trained fund manager can help you improve your financial status, especially if you do not have this knowledge.

How to Fill a Washington State Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Form?

After downloading the form from this page, you can fill it using these simple steps.

  • Date and Time: The first thing is to mention the date and time when the document was created. It does not need to be at the same time when the agreement comes into the effect.
  • Principal’s Statement: The next thing is the statement of the principal who announces that they wish to transfer the power of attorney to the mentioned person.
  • Principal Details: This section covers the complete details of the principal, including the address and full name.
  • Attorney’s Details: Now, you need to mention the details of the attorney to whom you want to transfer the decision-making powers.
  • Appointment Time: In this section, you need to mention when the document will be legally valid. The principal can choose a future date, irrespective of when the document was created.
  • Powers: The next section includes all the powers given to the appointed attorney.
  • Acknowledgment: The last section includes the acknowledgment of both parties.


The language and terms of this document comply with the Washington State legal requirements. Therefore, you just need to fill in the basic details to make it a valid agreement. We recommend hiring a lawyer, in case you want to add or remove some parts of this agreement.

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