Tennessee Power of Attorney Form

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Download the latest Tennessee power of attorney form and let your trusted agent make financial and healthcare decisions on your behalf. Here you can find the template in 3 file formats to let you download the form any way you want. Additionally, you can use the eSign tool to sign the document digitally.

On this page, we will share everything you need to know about the Tennessee Power of Attorney form and the main sections of this agreement.

What Is a Tennessee Power of Attorney Form?

A Tennessee power of attorney agreement lets you transfer the decision-making choice to an attorney. This power is used when the person is not able to decide for himself. The most common example of this form is when a minor is under the guardian’s custody. In this case, the guardian takes all the financial, healthcare, and assets-related decisions on their behalf.

The principal (person who signs the POA) can choose a general or durable power of attorney based on their interests. A durable power of attorney stays valid even if the principal becomes incapable of thinking and making the right decisions.

What Are the Parts of a TN Power of Attorney Form?

The Tennessee durable power of attorney provides the agent with the responsibility of all the decisions unless the agreement is revoked. That is why there are different parts of power of attorney forms to limit or extend the decision-making rights of the agent.

Here are the parts of a POA.

Information: The first part includes the information of both parties. It includes the full name, contact address, and some other details of each party.

Terms & Powers: The terms and powers section is the second part of this agreement. Here mention all the powers that can be exercised by the attorney.

Consent: The last part includes the consent of both the parties with an acknowledgment statement and their signatures.

How to Complete a Power of Attorney Form in Tennessee?

Filling out a power of attorney form in Tennessee requires you to use a template working with the laws of this state. Therefore, you need to download the latest agreement template from this page by clicking on the GET FORM button. The agreement is available in 3 file formats and you can choose the most convenient one.

After downloading the form, you need to find a trusted attorney who can take decisions on your behalf. Fill the agreement form with the attorney by entering all the terms and approving the powers you share with them. After that, you need to share the acknowledgment with a single statement for consent. Similarly, the attorney or the agent needs to sign the agreement to confirm they are ready to make your financial and health care decisions according to your interests.

The Tennessee power of attorney form requires two witnesses to make it legally valid. Therefore, you need witnesses to sign the agreement as well.


We recommend using the latest template of this agreement to avoid any legal interference. Tennessee updates its laws to impact the content available in power of attorney forms. We keep the above template updated with the terms to let you create an agreement within a few minutes.

You can simply enter the information and print out the agreement to submit it wherever required.

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