Arizona Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Form

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Use the latest financial power of attorney Arizona form to hire a professional attorney for your financial matters. Choose a family member to pass on the durable POA that ensures all your financial matters are managed properly, even if you are not in a state to take your decisions.

All you need is to edit this template and mention all the terms to share power with an attorney.

What Is a Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney in Arizona?

A durable financial power of attorney is a form to help you hire someone to take financial decisions on your behalf. These decisions include investments, real estate, and other money-related matters. Most people sign Arizona financial power of attorney forms due to a lack of financial knowledge to manage their funds and taxes. It gives them an easier way to get their financial matters managed by a professional or some other family members.

You can give this power to an attorney taking decisions on your behalf. However, a durable form ensures that you do not need to worry about these decisions even if you are not mentally capable of taking these decisions anymore.

What Is the Purpose to Use Arizona Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Form?

As mentioned earlier, a durable power of attorney stays legal even if the person is no longer in the sound mind to take his/her decision. Therefore, it shares the responsibility with the other individuals who take financial decisions on your behalf. It is important to note that these powers are exercised with partial or full control (based on the agreement) by the agent or the representative.

However, they are still answerable to all the decisions and they must account for the wrong decisions they take on someone’s behalf. Therefore, a durable power of attorney ensures that the responsible person can still decide on someone’s behalf even if the client is not capable of making the right decisions.

Another advantage of using the durable power of attorney form is to free the minors from taking wrong decisions due to lack of knowledge. Every minor shares the power of attorney with a representative responsible for making financial decisions on their behalf. Generally, a durable POA holds the power to take decisions related to Real Estates, Investments, Medical care, and Vehicle investments.

How to Fill out an AZ Financial Power of Attorney?

Arizona financial power of attorney forms are filled out to transfer the power of taking decisions on someone’s behalf. To exercise this power, a person needs to get a legal financial POA from the client.

Here are the steps to fill out this form online.

Step1- Start by clicking on the GET FORM button from the top of this page. You can customize the financial POA template from the same page. However, it is important to verify that you are using the same form by reading the terms available on the form.

Step2- Enter your information and the client’s information who wants to share the financial POA with you. It will cover all the power available in different cases. If you wish to extend the cases, edit the template to add some more points. Similarly, you can remove the unwanted terms from the template as long as it does not impact the legal aspects of the form.

Step3- The last step is to cover the acknowledgment section where both the parties sign the document to consent to the agreement. Also, it requires two witnesses that can hold it legal in court proceedings.


Signing a power of attorney form helps in getting professional help for financial matters. More and more people are opting for these forms to manage their funds reliably. Find the Arizona durable power of attorney form on this page and choose an attorney today.

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