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Oregon power of attorney forms allows a person to assign the duties of making financial and healthcare-related decisions to someone else. The person assigning these responsibilities is called the principal while the person taking the responsibility is known as an agent or attorney. Therefore, the power of attorney agreement of Oregon is designed to meet the legal requirements set by this state.

On this page, you can find the latest template in different formats to sign this agreement.

What Is an Oregon Power of Attorney?

The Oregon power of attorney allows the principal to choose an attorney to handle their financial matters when he/she is not able or for other reasons. This power of attorney comes in handy when the principal requires some immediate medical decision while he is unconscious. Similarly, it is helpful when they need to make a financial decision and they find it difficult to do it themselves.

People living in this state need to use the Oregon power of attorney form to get the legal terms of agreements. You can take your lawyer’s help to ensure all the powers are shared with mutual consent.

When Will You Use a Power of Attorney in Oregon? And Why?

A lot of people believe the power of attorney and living will are the same. However, the main difference between these two makes power of attorney the best option.

A living will is a document where you write down your interests and mention your decision for possible scenarios. However, a power of attorney lets someone else take the most reasonable decision for you, based on your interests. Therefore, using the power of attorney is the best option when you are not sure of future events.

Minors need to sign the power of attorney agreement with guarding or someone trusted when they can not make their financial decisions. Similarly, a person experiencing some unsound mind periods must sign the agreement when they are in good condition.

Therefore, different situations require a person to use the Oregon power of attorney form and agreement.

What Is Included in an Oregon Power of Attorney Form?

If we discuss the Oregon power of attorney form, you will find some important details in the agreement. Here are some of the parts that you will find there.

Agreement Terms Section: You can find the agreement terms and effects on your decision-making powers. Although you are free to edit the rights of the attorney, there are some basic rights directly transferred to the agent.

Information Section: This section has all the information of the principal and the attorney. Here both the parties need to mention their full name and address.

Power of Attorney: You can find the powers shared in the POA document. The principal can restrict the attorney from accessing some decision-making powers on his/her behalf.

Acknowledgment: The last section includes the acknowledgment where the principal confirms that he/she wants the attorney to exercise the power to make decisions on his/her behalf. At least one witness is required to be present to sign the document according to the laws of Oregon.


You can find different templates to create a power of attorney agreement in Oregon. However, it is important to check the terms of the agreement as the state requires them to comply with the state laws. The Oregon power of attorney form on this page is updated with the latest laws and provides the easiest way to create this agreement.

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