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A power of attorney form is required by the state to transfer the decision power to an attorney. The attorney can use the power just like the principal and let them decide the financial and healthcare matters in the principal’s interests. You can download the Missouri POA agreement form on this page and sign it with your attorney.

The form is updated with the latest state requirements of Missouri. Therefore, it is legally valid and provides the easiest option to transfer the power of attorney to someone else.

What Is a Missouri Power of Attorney?

The Missouri power of attorney form allows a person to transfer the financial and health-related decision powers to an agent. This person acts as an attorney of the principal and makes the right decisions based on the situation. Signing a Missouri power of attorney is important because it helps in making the right decisions even if you are not in a state to take them yourself.

The attorney exercises all the powers the person has on their financial and healthcare matters. That is why it depends on the agreement terms and understanding between the two parties, to ensures the decision is in the principal’s interest.

What Is Included in a Missouri Power of Attorney?

Like the power of attorney forms of other states, Missouri has several requirements, making the agreement legally binding. The main focus of the agreement is to allow the principal to get the best services even if they are not in a state to make decisions. Therefore, the whole agreement focuses on protecting the right of the person for better results.

Principal’s Details: The details of the principal must be added to the agreement to make it valid. It includes the full name and contact details.

Attorney’s Details: It requires the details of the agent who takes the responsibility of decision-making for the principal.

Terms & Powers: The main section of a Missouri power of attorney discusses the scope of powers exercised by the attorney. The principal can restrict or limit these powers while creating the agreement. However, the only way to eliminate these powers is by revoking the agreement.

Signatures: It requires the signature of the principal along with the attorneys. Additionally, it requires at least one witness to sign the document to ensure there was no influence of any type.

How to Fill Out Power of Attorney Form in Missouri?

Filling out the power of attorney form in Missouri takes only a few minutes. You can start by downloading the form by clicking on the GET FORM button at the top of this page. It will let you download the form in 3 different formats.

You can start the agreement by mentioning your and the attorney’s name and address at the top. After that, discuss the powers with them and restrict the ones that you do not wish to share. The last step is to sign the document with an attorney and a witness to make it a legal document.

The agreement will become effective on the date mentioned in the agreement.


Creating a power of attorney form in Missouri requires the latest template of this form. We keep updating the above form to keep it complying with the state rules. Therefore, you can simply check the template and start creating the agreement with your agent or attorney.

We recommend downloading the form in all three formats and using the most convenient one.

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