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Indiana power of attorney offers different solutions to share decision-making powers with attorneys. It covers different aspects such as financial, healthcare, and child care matters. That is why it is important to use the right template to sign this agreement.

On this page, we will share everything about the Indiana durable power of attorney form along with the latest template to fill it. The document is designed considering the legal requirements of Indiana state. Thus, you can simply download the form and start working on your agreement with the agent or attorney.

What Is an Indiana Durable Power of Attorney?

A durable power of attorney in Indiana is used when someone wants their agent to look after their financial decisions, even if they (principal) become incapable of taking decisions. A regular power of attorney terminates as soon as the person loses their decision-making abilities. However, durable power of attorney can protect the principal even in this scenario.

The principal can choose anyone as their agent provided that they have attained 18 years of age. it is recommended to find someone capable of making the right decisions in difficult situations. It ensures that you get the right services related to your financial and healthcare matters. Trusting a family member with the healthcare power of attorney is recommended by professionals. Similarly, hiring a professional agent for financial matters ensures you do not lose your investments due to a wrong decision.

When Will You Use a Power of Attorney in Indiana? And Why?

Like any other state, you can use the power of attorney in Indiana. The main reason behind using this agreement is to secure themselves from wrong decisions if they become incapable of making the right decisions. In these cases, using a power of attorney is the best option a person has.

There are some other reasons behind appointing a power of attorney as well. Children with inherited assets require an attorney to make their financial decisions. Similarly, people of unsound mind are advised to sign this agreement to avoid making any wrong decisions.

How to Fill out a Power of Attorney Form in Indiana?

The procedure of filling out this form in Indiana is similar to other states. Here are the steps that will help you out.

Step1: Download the Form

Click on the GET FORM button on this page and download the form in the desired file format. The page is updated with the latest template for this form.

Step2: Read the Complete Form

The form includes different sections including principal’s details, agent’s details, power & responsibilities of attorney, and acknowledgment. Therefore, it is important to read through the form before filling it out. Plan the responsibilities with the attorney before assigning them.

Step3: Fill out the Form

Enter all the required information and use the optional sections to add some more details or power restrictions to the agreement. Make sure to enter the correct information in each field.

Step4: Sign and Download

The last step is to get everyone’s signature on the document and download it for offline use. You can either get the signature with the online eSign tool or do them physically on the hard copy.


The best way to use the Indiana durable power of attorney form is to share the powers with a general form. It lets your attorney make financial, healthcare, and child care decisions in a single form. However, you can sign separate agreements if you trust different agents for different responsibilities.

You should know each agreement requires a witness in presence to ensure no influence affecting the principal or the attorney.

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