Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney

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What Is the Vehicle Power of Attorney?

There might be a time when the owner of the vehicle would end up requiring the assistance of an individual or any agent for handling the task related to the vehicle. This is where you can make the choice whether you need to make your attorney for the vehicle or add the cover with a broad range of purpose.

You can use the Vehicle Power of Attorney if –

  • You need the employee to file appropriate paperwork or registration or title for the company vehicle.
  • You are incapable to physically attend the needs of the vehicle.
  • You need to assign the attorney-in-fact to transfer the vehicle's title.

Why Use Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney?

The vehicle power of attorney is significantly used by the vehicle owner to let another person handle definite responsibilities on their behalf, like registration, selling the vehicle, and obtaining a certificate of title.

In most of the states, this vehicle power of attorney form is needed to be signed in the presence of the notary public in agreement with laws of power of attorney in regards to their property.

In other words, the motor vehicle power of attorney is the way for the owner of a vehicle to grant their specific & broad responsibility to the individual over titling, registration, & purchase and/or sale.

Moreover, the agent or ‘attorney’ who is selected by the vehicle owner is allowed to do their signature on their behalf as long as the original document & certified copy is in their ownership. In addition, when adopting any documents, the words “acting as POA” or any synonymous variant of all such words should be used.

How to Use a Vehicle Power of Attorney?

Before completing the Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney, you have to obtain the vehicle’s information such as year, manufacturing, style, model name, model number, VIN number, & odometer i.e. All such information will be entered into the Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney form. Once you have all this basic information, you have to choose the attorney-in-fact who is acting on your behalf with regards to the vehicle.


There are numerous reasons why you would have to appoint the agent to take accountability for your motor vehicle, including you can’t take care of the vehicle any longer. Though, it is essential to choose the individual who you deeply trust & who is capable to serve as your agent. It is correspondingly important to fill out the proper documents in a correct manner, have a power of attorney form notarized, & include all the essential information about the vehicle with the form of Vehicle Power of Attorney.

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