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Power of Attorney Forms let you transfer the power to your agent. However, you need a durable power of attorney form to keep the rights as long as you want. On this page, you will find the durable power of attorney Colorado form. You can fill the form and sign it online.

The form is available in three file formats that let you download the filled form according to your requirements. Also, the eSign tool lets you sign this form without using your physical signature.

We will cover some important details about this form along with the easiest process to fill it.

What Is Durable Power of Attorney Colorado Form?

Unlike Power of Attorney, a Durable Power of Attorney stay legal even if the person becomes incompetent and loses their ability to make decisions. However, it does not continue after the death of the person. That is the main difference between the Power of Attorney and the Durable Power of Attorney.

Whenever someone wants to file for Durable Power of Attorney in Colorado, they need to fill this form. It includes all the details and terms that are required to transfer the power of attorney to someone. The form is customizable and you can update the terms based on your requirements.

The only way to release the durable power of attorney is by revoking it. There is a different form to revoke the power of Attorney in Colorado and other states.

How to Fill Power of Attorney Form in Colorado?

Filling a power of attorney form in Colorado requires you to choose the Colorado form of Durable Power of Attorney.

Here are the steps that will help you with the process.

Step1- Download or Edit the Form

First of all, you need to download the form from this website. The form can be downloaded in three main forms. You can download the one that suits your requirements.

Step2- Enter the Required Information

You can start the form with the declaration that you authorize your agent with the power of attorney. It will require you to enter your name along with the name, address, and contact details of your agent.

You can also add a secondary agent that gets the power of attorney if the first agent is unwilling or not capable of managing it anymore.

There are some other details like the guardian that looks after your contract. Thus, enter all the information and proceed to the third step.

Step3- Grant the Permissions

In this section, you will authorize the agent with different parts of your daily life. You can choose to add Real Property, Tangible Property, Commodities, Insurance, Taxes, and other important financial decisions.

Step4- Sign and Acknowledge

The last step is to sign the document that will acknowledge that you have transferred the Power of Attorney to your agent. Once you sign this document, it will be legally accepted by the agent.

What Is the Validity of this Form?

The main reason behind choosing a durable power of attorney form is its validity. This form transfers the power of attorney for the undefined period that ends with the death of a party. Even if the person becomes incompetent to make his decisions, the rights mentioned in the power of attorney will stay with the agent.

To remove the power of attorney, the person needs to fill a revoke power of attorney form and send it to the agent. Once you get the receiving acknowledgment from the agent, the power of attorney will be revoked at that moment. After that, no decision taken on your behalf by that agent will be legal.


Signing a durable power of attorney is a long process when you need to create it manually. However, using the Customizable form gives you the freedom to change the terms and sign the document instantly.

You can find the form on this page that is based on the legal requirements of the State of Colorado.

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