Finding the right template of durable power of attorney form is a challenge. It is because each state has different rules regarding this agreement. Therefore, you can download the form by clicking on the GET FORM button.

After this, you can fill out this agreement and share it with the attorney. The above form is only for financial power of attorney purposes.

What Is a Durable Power of Attorney in Pennsylvania?

A durable power of attorney in Pennsylvania is a legal agreement between the principal and the attorney to share the decision-making powers. When a person signs this agreement with an attorney, the principal gives his/her consent to let the attorney look after their medical and financial decisions.

The durable power of attorney ensures that the attorney has all the rights to take the decision when the principal is incapable of making those decisions. Therefore, it is important to sign this document along with the living will to get the right decisions for yourself.

Every state has different rules for the power of attornies. That is why we recreate the PA power of attorney form complying with all the legal requirements of Pennsylvania.

What Is Included in a Pennsylvania Durable Power of Attorney?

The durable power of attorney includes different powers, enabling the attorney to make the decisions related to finance, health care, and general matter. Therefore, it is important to choose the right agreement to share these powers with someone.

If you live in Pennsylvania and want someone to look after your finances, you need to sign the Pennsylvania durable power of attorney form. It ensures that the attorney can keep taking decisions even if you are not in a state to make the decision yourself.

How to Fill a PA Power of Attorney Form?

Step1: Do the Background Work

The first step is to choose the attorney you want to give the responsibilities to make your financial decisions. This person can be a professional manager or a person you trust to make these decisions. The next thing is to download the Massachusetts power of attorney form to make this an agreement.

Step2: Fill the Agreement

The next step is to fill all the sections of the agreement with the required details. It requires the name, address, and other important details of both parties. Additionally, you need to mention the scope of powers shared with the attorney.

You have an option to limit the powers or to restrict the person from making some big financial decisions without any supervision. Therefore, you need to read the complete agreement while filling in the information.

Step3: Sign and Acknowledge

The final step is to sign the document with proper acknowledgment. Here, you need to state that you wish to share the power with the attorney for a specific period or choose the durable option to keep it valid unless you revoke it.

In the end, you need to sign the document with the attorney’s signature. Additionally, it requires the signature of witnesses to check the authority of the agreement.


Pennsylvania durable power of attorney form helps avoid financial loss due to the inability of making the right decisions. You can choose your attorney and let them make these decisions on your behalf when you are not able to do them yourself.

You can download and sign this form at the top of this page to gain the benefit from this form for yourself.

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