Durable Power of Attorney in California

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You have a busy life that you need to catch up with to keep everything in order. You may also not be in a position to attend to your duties despite the necessity to get them done. The solution to such problems lies in the durable power of attorney form.

Different states have a way of addressing such a matter, and that is why we have the durable power of attorney California forms. They assist you in appointing the right agent to attend to your financial tasks and any other delegated powers.

We will shed light on what it is and what it contains. We will also highlight how easy it is to access the document.

What Are the California Durable Power of Attorney Forms?

The durable power of attorney form California is a document that allows another trusted individual to execute financial matters on the principal’s behalf. The principal is the person delegating the powers to the attorney.

The agent involved should be trustworthy since they will be working towards fulfilling the principal’s financial wishes. The form specifies various tasks, and ticking on the appropriate one dictates what the agent should do.

The agent involved in the durable power of attorney California forms could be a friend or a relative. With this type of document, the principal’s duties will continue to be attended to even upon incapacitation.

That is why the name durable is there. This type of document issues attorney California’s financial power dictated in section 4124 of its state laws. Most of the responsibilities highlighted in the form involve financial activities.

There are various versions of the form, as we will see, but they all address the same thing.

What Does the California Durable Power of Attorney Form Contain?

There are various items on the California durable power of attorney form, and all need to be filled as appropriate. First, we have the principal’s name, which refers to the person issuing the power to the agent.

Next, we have the attorney-in-fact, and that is the individual who will receive the form and the appointments. The following section involves the powers that the attorney will bear. If you want to issue all the attorney’s responsibilities, there is a statement to tick below all the other responsibilities.

If there are any other directives you would like to issue, there are a few lines below the responsibilities to add a few sentences. If you have third-party agents who can act on behalf of the leading attorney, you can state that on the form. Depending on the version, there may be a designated section or not.

The last parts involve the principal’s signature and date. The agent’s signature can also be somewhere on the form if there is a position to add it. What never lacks in a durable power of attorney California form is the notary details and signature.

Is the CA Durable Power of Attorney Form Free?

Getting a DPOA California form is free of charge. The access is simplified by the fact that online platforms are issuing the documents. All you need is your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Filling it online and signing is easy, possible, and free too. These platforms offer a fillable format that you can use to insert your name and other details. It’s also possible to share the form with your agent and a public notary online.

You can also use the platform’s storage once you fill sign and save the form. It will store both the durable power of attorney California form and your signature safely. To get all these services, you don’t need to pay even a single cent.

California Durable Power of Attorney Form Versions

The California durable power of attorney form has various versions. They have a different arrangement, but they address the same thing. You get the introductory statement at the top before the duties to be given to the agent.

The standard version will involve an agent’s signature, for example, while the honest lawyer document does not have the agent’s signature. It will only contain their name and details as specified by the principal.

Another varying example here is that the standard version does not have a place to declare third-party agents. If you have to do so, you need to add it as part of the additional notes extending or limiting the attorney powers.

For the LA county and Salinas Law Group versions, they have a place for you to declare the third-party attorneys. The type of CA durable power of attorney you pick depends on where you are and what you need to include in the form.

They will enable you to appoint an attorney and issue the tasks they need to perform regardless of the format.


Do you need to fill a California durable power of attorney form quickly? Go online and then handle the rest once you get to the record. Ensure that you have all the requirements in place before filling the form.

Since it’s easy to share and store the form online, all you need is an internet connection. It’s also possible to download and print when the need arises.

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