North Carolina Durable Power of Attorney

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Out of all power of attorney forms, the durable power of attorney is a special kind. The durable power of attorney form in NC authorizes an agent to take care of the principal’s finances or health care decisions.

The reason why it is called an NC durable power of attorney is that it remains effective even when the principal becomes incapacitated due to old age or illness. So, when you sign an NC durable power of attorney long-form, you will be safeguarding your finances in the hands of a trusted individual.

However, while acting on the principal’s behalf, the agent might need to present a copy of the form.

What Are the Requirements of North Carolina Power of Attorney?

The NC durable power of attorney form must be signed and acknowledged by both the principal and agent in front of the notary public.

Both the parties must be at least 18 years of age and mentally competent to know about a durable power of attorney form. The principal must be in his full capacity while signing the form. According to the law, the text of durable power of attorney must have its registration at the county office of the register of deeds.

Although the whole process might take some time, within thirty days, the agent can file a copy of the new NC power of attorney form with the Supreme Court clerk. Moreover, the agent must keep complete track of all the transactions.

How Powerful is the durable power of attorney in NC?

The North Carolina durable power of attorney entails both general and special powers. When we say it’s general, we mean that it allows the agent to carry out financial transactions on the principal’s behalf. In that sense, it is also a financial power of attorney NC.

But, the special power of attorney lists many powers that the agent gets to enjoy. For example, buying/selling real estate, personal affairs, tax fillings, charity, etc. are some of the special powers of a durable power of attorney form in NC.

Nevertheless, the agent must act in good faith and in the best interest of the principal. That’s why the principal must be very careful in choosing the agent.

How to get a durable POA in North Carolina?

Firstly, you must get an attorney so that he can help you with the form fill-ups and other procedures. You can easily find an NC durable power of attorney form pdf online.

You might also be needing witnesses. So, make sure that you have them handy. Also, keep important documents ready while filling up the free durable power of attorney form NC.


Taking care of your loved ones often requires the handling of their personal matters such as transportation, appointments, managing medications, doing domestic chores and also becoming a helping hand in their regular tasks.

In certain cases, the responsibility often includes the need for financial management. With a North Carolina Power of Attorney right, the agent can place his/her principal’s interests ahead of their own. It bears great significance as the person can choose the person of their trust.

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