Power of Attorney in Michigan

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A power of attorney in Michigan is a legal document that officially allows a person (principal) to authorize another trusted person (agent) to carry out any work. The agent holding the Michigan poa can act in absence of the principal to make decisions regarding finance and health. However, before vesting the mi poa, the principal must discuss the responsibilities, roles, expectations and limits with the agent.

Things To Keep In Mind While Filing a Michigan Power of Attorney Form

While designating an agent, the principal must clearly state that the agent holds a durable attorney in a clear language. He must mention this explicitly in the durable power of attorney form in Michigan.

According to Michigan law, the durable power of attorney does not get affected even if the principal becomes disable or incapable.

So, in case the principal becomes incapacitated, the agent will still hold Michigan’s durable power of attorney. In other words, the durable power of attorney is useful for long-term planning.

Why Should I Fill a Michigan Power of Attorney Forms?

Michigan power of attorney forms allows you (“principal”) to appoint someone else (“agent”) to express their interests on their behalf and act with the same right. After the form is filled and signed in adherence to Federal law, it may be utilised directly by the agent for representing the principal person.

Different Types of Mi Power of Attorney Forms

Although the durable power of attorney form in Michigan is widely opted by principals, there are other types as well.

  1. General POA

As the name suggests, the general power of attorney from Michigan suits the general purposes of the principal. It might so happen that he wants the agent to represent him for general interests, but not beyond a certain time. In that case, this general power of attorney can come very helpful. It only requires two witnesses and the laws are somewhat similar to a durable POA.

  1. Minor Child’s Guardian

If you are a parent and you think that you might not be available for your minor child due to long-term illness, then you can authorize someone as a guardian of a minor child. This Michigan power of attorney form designates a person to take care of the child/children and also make decisions on their behalf.

  1. Limited POA

This document specifies that a special responsibility is vested upon another person for a fixed time. It becomes annul after the completion of the action or on a future date. A limited Michigan power of attorney form is usually written by the principal to authorize the agent to perform tax filings, any legal transaction, cash deposits, etc. It must be signed with a minimum of two witnesses.

  1. Patient Advocate

There might come a moment where a person is unable to speak for himself due to prolonged illness. In that case, the patient advocate Michigan power of attorney forms can authorize his kin or anyone to speak for himself and make medical decisions.

How to Get Power Of Attorney In Michigan

The state of Michigan power of attorney forms is easily available. You can easily sign online to access your Michigan power of attorney forms. Then print the form and contact your legal advisor to help you with the next processes. Make sure that you keep two witnesses ready while giving the authority power to some else.


When you choose an agent to operate your power of attorney, this will serve its purpose even if you lose sane capacity. This is why you must ensure that you have a policy in place for controlling your financial and private matters if you are ever incapable to do so.

This provides you with more authority over how that process will be managed. If you relocate to another state, your POA would remain valid; however, it is highly recommended to update your power of attorney about your action. Lastly, the power terminates upon your death.

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